Tagged for five things

Thanks to Justin Ashworth over at School Libraryland for tagging me for this fun blog “chain” process.  Five things you may not know about me:

First, I am a fourth generation Californian.  It was my great great grandmother who emigrated to America from Ireland.  Family lore says that she first landed on the east coast, got married in New Orleans and then took a ship “around the horn” to San Francisco and then settled in Sacramento.

Second, I learned to play folk guitar in high school and was then part of church “folk groups” in my teens and twenties. 

Third,  I love all desserts that are chocolate mint – chocolate mint ice cream, chocolate mint brownies, chocolate mint candies, etc.

Fourth, volleyball is my favorite sport.  I coached intermediate school girls’ volleyball in Hollister.  For two years, the girls’ teams went undefeated.

Finally, the picture on my blog is a picture of the beach and ocean in Santa Cruz, California where I was born. 

Now, it will be fun to hear about the five things we may not know about from:  Jackie at Library Advocate, Michael at Information Literacy Land of Confusion, Brian at the Laughing Librarian, Hall at Media Matters, and Tim at Education/Technology.


1 Response to “Tagged for five things”

  1. 1 kim January 11, 2007 at 10:36 am

    I didn’t notice Grasshopper Pie on your list of chocolate mint desserts. Just in case you’ve never had it, here’s a recipe that is similar to what I grew up with–this was always dessert at Christmas dinner and has since also become my birthday dessert. It’s fabulous! Enjoy!

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