Maplewood, NJ library may remain open for teens

A few days ago, it was reported that the Maplewood, NJ library would be closed after school because the teens are too unruly.  Today, the New York Times reports that the mayor is working to find a resolution other than closing the library.  The mayor of the town states:

“I think the closure’s a very bad idea,” the mayor said. “I think that it was not warranted, because a lot of the programs we have in the works are designed — and well designed — to alleviate the situation. We just have to put those in place.”

I’m happy to read that they are finding a resolution.  However, along with hiring security guards for the library after school, they should convene an ongoing “after school student committee” to figure out a long term solution.   At this point, the “adults” have figured out the solution without involving the young people.  The young people need to be part of the solution.


1 Response to “Maplewood, NJ library may remain open for teens”

  1. 1 Patty January 15, 2007 at 2:26 pm

    I heard to that the town was working on a resolution. However, I don’t feel the taxpayers should pay for additional programs. Our taxes in Maplewood are high enough already. There are some after school programs in place, but you (the parents) have to pay for them. To say that they cannot afford them is crazy. The programs are reasonably priced. Also, one has to be at a certain income level to live in the town, and be able to pay the taxes. I had 4 children go thru the school system, and I had to set up after school care, until each was able to come home on their own. My kids had their studies to do, and knew that they could not participate in outside activities if homework wasn’t done, or grades slipped. Parents need to be more pro-active regarding their kids. It’s not the library
    staff’s job to instill respect or manners in kids that are in 6,7, or 8 grades. Respect should be taught to them when they are young.

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