21st Century Teen Conversation with Santa Claus via IM

My daughter shared with me the Instant Messenger conversation a friend of hers posted on MySpace.  This is another humorous illustration of teenagers online.  Here is the transcript that was posted between “CoolDude” and “SantaClaus.”

SantaClaus: Welcome, what would you like for Christmas?

cooldude: what is love?

SantaClaus: Well, we don’t make soul mates here at the workshop. Part of life’s challenge is for you to find love for yourself.   Is there anything else you would like?
 Hmm, I’m not sure what that is. Why don’t you type, music, maybe that will put you in the Christmas spirit.  

cooldude: My friend Kristin would like a cloud for Christmas.
Goodness, that’s too much for me to read. I’m talking to so many children and their parents. Could you ask me something a little shorter?  I’m afraid you’ll need to give me a little more to go on than that.

cooldude: You look fat in a hat!
Excuse me?
you are fat
SantaClaus: Oh my! I prefer pleasantly plump. What does this have to do with spreading the Christmas spirit?
Christmas spirit? I’m talking about your arteries!
SantaClaus: The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of wonder, of youth, of care and of giving that binds all of us.

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