EduBlog and WebLog Award Nominations!

Being new to  Blogosphere, I was interested to read that a number of blogs I now read have been nominated for the “Edublog Awards”.   And, then I also learned that there are regulary “Weblog Awards.”   At first I was overwhelmed just clicking through all of this year’s nominees, but then I was even more overwhelmed when one person posted last year’s winners (and then I found the winners from 2003)!  So much to read and so little time! 

The “Blog” Awards and the “Edublog” awards happen on an annual basis and you can vote for your favorite!  The nominees and past winners are outstanding examples of what a blog can become – definitely a 21st Century Skill.

Here are the Edublog 2006 Nominees (you have until December 16 to vote).  The 2005 Edublog winners are listed here.    The 2004 Edublog winners are listed here.  And here are the regular 2006 Web Blog Award Nominees (and yes, on this page are winners from past years).  


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