A MySpace Conversation Worth Having

The Fresno Public Library is sponsoring a public conversation about MySpace tonight.  An article in the Fresno Bee talks with the students who put the documentary together.  As an aside, MySpace has recently purchased software to try and prevent convicted sex offenders from being on MySpace. 

Having a public and open discussion about MySpace, as well as other Web applications pertinent to education, and collaborating with young people for the purpose of educating others is one way of understanding the world in which we live today!  I think this is one example of how we can help students prepare for their future – having them share their perspective in public forums on what they do on the Web and how, ultimately, they can be utilized for educational purposes.  By the time these students present tonight, they will have written a story board, taken video, edited video, practiced the presentation, discussed presentation skills and experienced a newspaper interview.  Of course, this was all done outside the school day and outside the “school” experience.   And, as these students look back on their school experience, this event will probably stand out as an positive and important event.  I wonder what “school” events will stand out as positive and important for them.  We all continue to work to integrate these types of experiences in the context of school and to transform the thinking of all educators. 

Today, David Warlick talks about working to “help students prepare for their future.”  This is one way to do it!


1 Response to “A MySpace Conversation Worth Having”

  1. 1 Lisa December 8, 2006 at 5:35 pm

    Rob — your description at the end about all that these teens accomplished outside the walls of formal education seriously made me choke up! thanks so much for taking part in the evening.

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