Information Literacy Testing and ETS Results

As mentioned in various blogs, including Joyce Valenza’s and the AASL blog, eschool news published an article (Nov. 29, 2006) about the current state of Information Literacy among high school and college students who took the Educational Testing Service’s Test on Information Literacy.  It is worth mentioning again because of the importance of information literacy.  Based on pilot tests by 6300 students across the nation, the article stated:

“The study found that 52 percent of those tested could correctly judge the objectivity of a web site, and 65 percent could correctly judge that web site’s authoritativeness. But only 40 percent of students entered multiple search terms when researching a topic, and only 44 percent properly identified a statement that captured the demands of the assignment. “

No doubt that all educators and librarians should be addressing information literacy skills – especially the digital ones – on a daily basis.  Overall, you can look at the way these skills are tested via “scenarios” that are available on ETS website (  Personally, I like the structure of the test, which asks students to respond to scenarios rather than simply a list of multiple choice questions.


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