MySpace – Become Knowledgeable

This morning, my 16-year-old daughter announced that she may delete her MySpace account!  I asked why and she responded, “Because it takes so much time away from doing other things.”  I suggested she could just leave it the way it was and not post so much to which she said, “But, if I have it, then I feel I need to post and respond to my friends.”  Seems like what she was saying was that if you’re going to have a MySpace account (or any other blog account, etc.), then you should actively participate in sharing and collaborating or it is not worth having an account.

 I appreciated reading Joyce Valenza’s MySpace posting today – I think the “finger in the dike” is a great analogy.  The resulting concerns of adults is a classic difference in understanding between the digital natives and digital immigrants.  I have written a number of articles about MySpace for our local school district newspaper.   I have discovered that the number of MySpace users continues to double every six months and there continues to be 230,000 new users of MySpace every day!

Our local Fresno County Library is sponsoring a public discussion about MySpace on Thursday, Dec. 7 (see or see the announcement at  A student-produced documentary about the uses of MySpace will begin the conversation.  Seems like this is a good way to clarify the overall uses and concerns of MySpace – for both the digital immigrants and the digital natives.  We’ll see how it goes.


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